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Seeds and 
seed saving

Indigenous peoples believe that we don’t own the seeds, but we borrow them from our children ... so it’s our responsibility to make sure they’re in really good hands and in good shape for the generations that follow us.  

Do we want seeds that have been drenched in chemicals? Giant corporations now control most of the seed so they can sell more of their chemicals and have even managed to copyright some (genetically modified) seeds so they actually own them.  

We need to dispel the myth that somehow shop bought seeds are better. Let’s preserve seeds and retain them in the commons by using them, saving them, and passing some on.

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There are detailed descriptions of various techniques for seedsaving for individual vegetables here and you can go on a seed saving course here.
However the basic technique is the same :

  • Selected healthy plants are allowed to flower and produce either a seed head, pod or fruit.
  • Fruit should be fully ripe before harvesting.
  • Seed is harvested, cleaned and in some instances washed.
  • The seed is dried, labelled and stored in cool, dry conditions.

Some vegetables such as carrot and leek do not produce a flower in the first year, they are called biennials. To seed save from these you need to lift the mature plant/root at the end of the growing season and store overwinter, replanting in the spring so the plant can form a flower head and produce seed.

Garden Organic has done a survey on seed saving highlighting a demand for more events providing people with the opportunity to swap seeds and learn more about seed saving.  

Norfolk Organic Group offers a seed swap among members at most of our events as well as a knowledge bank of people who are also happy to share their experience growing and saving seed.

The Heritage Seed Library publishes a seed list for members to request seeds that are grown by Seed Guardians and returned to the library. You can choose from 175 rare and unique heritage varieties including 79 certified organic.

Places to buy organic seeds :