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Norfolk Organic Group is a membership organisation established to promote organic growing in Norfolk and act as a local group for Garden Organic and the Soil Association. We are people who want to grow organically including gardeners, allotmenteers, smallholders and farmers, as well as those interested in a more sustainable and regenerative way of life. We provide advice and guidance about the benefits of an organic approach and how by looking after the Earth, we look after ourselves.

We are a c​harity, managed by a team of volunteers and reliant on the generosity of our members who give their time, resources and energy to support our activities. 

Bob Flowerdew


Most gardeners know Bob Flowerdew. as he has been championing organic gardening for a very long time. He has nearly an acre of garden in Dickleburgh, Norfolk, where he lives with his wife and children. He is a famers son, his family have been working the land in East Anglia since before the time of the Tudors

Bob grows organically almost every fruit and vegetable possible in our climate including bananas, pineapples and guavas. He also keeps chickens, ducks, geese and bees.

He is a long-serving member of the panel of BBC Radio 4's ‘Gardener's Question Time’, where his long experience with organic growing is well respected. He is the patron of Waveney Foodbank, a local charity that provides emergency food for those in crisis.

Bob was chair of Norfolk Organic Group from 1984 to 1995 when he became our president. He gives an annual talk and is involved in many of our activities.