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Alys Fowler - Eat What you Grow

4 December 2023 at 7:30 - Friends Meeting House and Zoom 

'Eat What you Grow’ explores the art of polyculture, growing a variety of different plants together, resulting in an intricate garden design that celebrates biodiversity as well as deliciousness.  This talk will look at how to set up a polyculture garden and what the benefits are for wildlife, food nutrients and soil health. It will look at propagation methods, polyculture combinations, perennial vegetables and soil fertility. 

Alys Fowler is a gardener, writer and Guardian columnist. She will be joining us via Zoom which we will be live screening at Friends Meeting House. Those who can attend, can join us for a regular meeting, all be it with a possible early Christmas vibe. This will be open to members and non members alike. Members who are unable to travel to Norwich can join us on Zoom and a link will be sent out nearer the time.